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Beautiful Spain. Few nations can match the Iberian giants for entertainment, boasting a century-long love-affair with the game that has seen superclubs formed, legends created, and innovation become a part of the norm. So trudging through history to find stories worthy of reading wasn't a difficult task. 

Welcome to the world of Spanish football in this 14-feature, long-form magazine - featuring an exclusive foreword by Graham Hunter - dedicated to the culture of the game. Featuring:

- The eternal magic of Juan Carlos Valerón
- San Iker Casillas
- The revival of La Roja
- David Beckham: the Real Madrid diaries
- The rise and fall of a star-studded Málaga
- Franco, fascism and football
- The love-hate relationship of Sergio Ramos and Gerard Piqué
- Luis Suárez Miramontes: the king before the king
- The Brits of Iberia
- The Basque glory years
- Guti
- Luis Aragonés: the godfather of Spanish football
- How Deportivo and Celta rose to prominence in the 1990s
- A Tale of One City: Madrid