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It's taken over three years but we're finally heading home, specifically to Liverpool for our club magazine series. And why not? With a history as rich as any club in the game, stories that transcend time and generations, and an unbroken lineage of greats, Liverpool picks itself.

We've gone all out for this issue, recruiting big-name Liverpool fans and journalists, and sat down with Jamie Carragher for a no holds barred interview. Between all that is a whopping 160 pages of stories, from Shankly and Klopp to Barnes and Gerrard (and a whole lot more besides), featuring iconic photos, original art and beautiful words. 


  • Bill Shankly and the masterminding of a new empire
  • The ballad of Bob Paisley
  • 1987/88
  • Sir Kenny Dalglish
  • Culture Club: what it means to be a Red
  • John Barnes
  • The magic and the madness of the Roy Evans years
  • Gérard Houllier and the rebuilding of Liverpool
  • Rafa Benítez
  • Xabi Alonso
  • Steven Gerrard
  • One-on-one with Jamie Carragher
  • Jürgen Klopp and the second revolution
  • From Hunt to Bobby: Liverpool's unbroken lineage of world-class strikers
  • Crown to Candy to Carlsberg: eight great kits illustrated
  • The evolution of a logo

... and so much more.