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Fiorentina [Digital]

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It is often said that a football club is merely an extension of the city it resides in. That it's a mirror of the people. Well if that's true, there can be fewer better examples than Fiorentina. 

Indeed, if Florence is the city of the Renaissance, then Fiorentina is the club of it. From a birth that goes right back to the Medicis to the ebbs and flows of time, La Viola have tasted the champagne during some epic highs. 

But alongside them have come the falls: tales of corruption, mismanagement and tragedy that speak to the very heart of Tuscany. From Baggio, Antognoni, Hamrin and Batistuta to Cecchi Gori, Chiesa, Bernadini and Rui Costa, the story of Fiorentina pulses through the annals of football. It's littered with iconic names.

Underneath that stunning Tony Svedin cover, you'll find 152 pages dazzling in Florentine purple, with all the regular artists and writers, and modern design binding it together. 


- Fulvio Bernadini and the purple reign
- The last Scudetto
- Kurt Hamrin
- Giancarlo Antognoni
Sócrates: a year in Florence
- Roberto Baggio: a cultural obsession
- The rise and fall of the Cecchi Gori years
- Gabriel Batistuta
- Rui Costa
- Angelo Di Livio
- The rebirth of Fiorentina
- Luca Toni
- Enrico x Federico: the Chiesa lineage
- Redesigned Evolution of a Logo
- The Artemio Franchi
- Fiorentina by numbers
- Eight great kits illustrated
... and much more