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World Cup X

World Cup X

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How do you define success? Is it through the medals around one's neck or the legacy they leave behind? Must it incorporate both? When it comes to World Cup football, memories are often all that remain. Memories of the good and the bad. Occasionally, however, players and teams come along that change the course of football forever, both at home and abroad. The unite and inspire a nation. They add fuel to the fire of dreams the world over. Some teams simply live forever.

And now they're here, in stunning print, in this exclusive World Cup magazine celebrating the greatest teams in finals history. Join a litany of storytelling masters as they take you back in time to celebrate how football peaked thanks to these select bands of brothers:

- Hungary: 1954
- England: 1966
- Brazil: 1970
- Netherlands: 1974
- West Germany: 1974
- Netherlands: 1978
- Italy: 1982
- Argentina: 1986
- France: 1998
- Spain: 2010