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Diego Maradona
Diego Maradona
Diego Maradona

Diego Maradona

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We're all a little bit of Diego Maradona - and that's what makes him so special, so unique. Through his good times and bad, his genius and mistakes, so many of us mere mortals could see ourselves in him. Never has there been a talent quite like El Pibe, and never will be there be a cult like his. 

To celebrate the life and legacy of Maradona, we've created this special edition charting his 60 years, from the streets of Villa Fiorito to the highs of 1986, and the lows that followed. What shaped Maradona? What made him special? And why should we look twice at Diego the manager? 

Exempt from all subscriptions, this magazine needs to be ordered separately. Featuring:

- The rise
- Boca I
- 1982
- Barcelona
- 1986
- Napoli
- 1990
- The fall
- 1994
- Boca II
- The manager
- The legacy
- Six great Maradona shirts illustrated

... and more.

Note: this is a one-off print that won't be released again, so order today if you're keen to grab a copy. All orders are final.

Released 18 January