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Anderlecht [Digital]

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There was once a time when Anderlecht could count themselves amongst the kings of Europe. It was glorious. Between Van Himst, Rensenbrink, Olsen, Arnesen, Scifo, Vercauteren and Goethals, and indeed so many more, some of football's finest talents passed through the doors of the Constant Vanden Stock stadium.

Continental glory followed, as did unprecedented success at home that saw Anderlecht fully live up to their royal billing. They were the epitome of cool.

Unquestionably one of the most enjoyable magazines we've made - few clubs are as interesting as the Belgians - Anderlecht gave us rare access and insight into the history and present of the Brussels giants, including a special interview with Vincent Kompany where he opens up on his career and philosophy of the game. It's nothing short of a spectacular story.

Featuring the usual blend of unique art, stunning photographs and some of the best writing and design around, inside you'll find almost 160 pages on:

- How Paul Van Himst became Belgium's greatest footballer
- The triumph of Rob Rensenbrink, the man who almost topped Cruyff
- Dynamite: how Anderlecht utilised the greatest generation of Danish talent
- The kings of Europe
- Enzo Scifo: the man who reinvigorated Belgian football
- The cult years: 1989-1995
- Radzinski and Koller: the peak of big man-little man
- "This is Luc Nilis. Have Fun."
- Vincent Kompany in conversation
- Thirty years in the making: the glory of 2009/10
- The rise of Romelu Lukaku
- Youri Tielemens: the perfect Anderlecht footballer
- Developing footballers the Anderlecht way
- Purple Reign: the infographic
- Eight stunning shirts illustrated
- The evolution of a logo
... and much more